About us

  • Proscenium Theatre & Creative Solutions has discovered a new dimension for the adolescent of today.
  • This has been brought out through creative arts and dramatics.
  • Schools & colleges were our initial pillars and today we have spread our creative wings into major corporate & NGOs.

What is VI Sense?

“Sixth Sense” is a creative program initiated for children in their early adolescent (11 – 12 years).


  • To bridge the gap between the childhood phase and the early teens
  • Elicit multiple intelligence among children
  • Preparing the adolescents to handle the challenges of life ahead


Using creative art forms as a platform to teach and ensure a smooth transition for the early adolescents

  • Games
  • Practical exercises
  • Story telling
  • Dramatics
  • Feature and short films

Are few of the methods used in Sixth Sense to meet the objectives

Expected learning outcome

  • Reflect and mould their inter and intrapersonal skills
  • Concentrate and perform better in academics
  • To cultivate etiquette for self grooming
  • Rejuvenate and reenergize to be better individuals
  • Display traits of multiple intelligence
  • Trained in life skills

Life skills

How do we work?

Weekly maximum four sessions
Any two days or four days in a week depending on the
class allocation
45 minutes is a session
80 – 95 hours in an academic year
***language and the activities can be customized on requested


Base line
An initial preliminary study which would recognize and understand the adolescents.

Mid line
Data collection at regular intervals to comprehend and analyze the change among adolescents.

End line
A final review to check whether the stated objective has been achieved or not.

Classroom specification

AV room with
LCD Projector, Projector screen, Loud speaker, White or black board.

Classroom specification

No furniture