Film acting

Certification Course

  • Practical Exposure
  • Understanding film language
  • Field knowledge and acting Techniques


(Basic/ Intermediate / Advanced level Certification course)

Classical Bharathanatiyam

Batch 1: age 5 to 12,
Batch 2: age 13 to 18
Batch 3: age 19 above

Mime & Dramatics

Come On lads! Welcome to the era of Communication and Entertainment! Every single individual is entitled to learn the art of communicating effectively and efficiently. But not through schooling with boring notebooks and pencils... But through fun and laughter! There you go, Dramatics! Be you, an aspiring Engineer, a rocket scientist rushing to FIITJEE classes... be you,an aspiring physicist or a cardiac surgeon,busy preparing your NEET exams! Dramatics is going to shape your personality holistically. Nurture and sharpen your body language, facial expressions, voice modulation, team work, spirit or confidence and leadership skills! Proscenium Dramatics will make you the most effective professional,whichever career you choose to!

We assure that your child's academic performance will flourish...


Lose yourself in the music! Find yourself in the shape!

Ladies! Time for you to restore your health and fitness! Treating yourself with the perfect shape is your right! After all the household duties, you simply deserve the energy to run your health clock on time! But not by boring and lethargic techniques, but by dance, fun and the one and only Zumba! Proscenium Zumba is brought to you by trained professionals who put you on track with all entertaining music and Gala! Wake up Ladies! The life is yours!

Self Defence

  • Silambam
  • Karathe
  • Kick-boxing
  • Escaping techniques

Fun wITH Science

Supernova Science Studio is a Science Hub with bustling Science activities for children of all ages. ‘Fun With Science’ programme is designed for children in primary and lets them wonder, enjoy and have Fun, all while learning Science. ‘Experience Science’ programme is designed for kids in class 6, aligned with their school curriculum, aimed at providing a strong foundation that lets them explore, experiment and experience Science. ‘Fun with Electronics’ programme is designed for kids in class 7 and above, specially for those nerds who want to live their lives with transistors and ICs and build a mini computer or a Robot or a Sunrise alarm clock or many other such stuffs, all by themselves.

Exclusive course for Girl Children Age :4 to 13 years

Hey,the most precious & lovable daughters of soil! You aren't the treasure just for our family, but for the entire society and country! with all your charm and sweetness, its time for you to be brave and smart! your mobility is the real freedom! your access to anything, anywhere and anytime is the real meaning of liberatation. To be brave, free and liberal, it's time for you to learn Self-Defence techniques. Silambam, Karathe, Kick-boxing & Escaping techniques, exclusively for girls. Proscenium Self-Defence Package is gonna make you fearless, confinent and stay fit! Go Gal! It's your time!